Percentage Increase Calculator

Percent increase is:

This calculator finds the percentage increase from one value to another. Provide two numbers, hit the calculate button and it will return the increase from the start and end number in terms of percent.

How to Calculate Percent Increase

Use the following steps to calculate percentage increase from two values:

  • Subtract end value from start value
  • Divide the result by the start value
  • Multiply the result by 100

Percentage Increase Formula

This is the mathematical formula for percent increase where S is the start value, F is the end value and R is the increase in percent:

R = (F - S) / S * 100

Percent Increase Example

The example below demonstrates getting the percentage increase from 35 to 60.

60 - 35 = 25

25 / 35 = 0.71

0.71 * 100 = 71

The increase from 35 to 60 is 71%.