Random Germany Address

Street: 5d Ölmühlweg
Town: Königstein im Taunus
County: Hochtaunuskreis
State: Hessen
Zip/Postcode: 61462
Country: Deutschland
Street: 3 Ausbau 1
City: Zehdenick
County: Oberhavel
State: Brandenburg
Zip/Postcode: 16792
Country: Deutschland
Street: 53 Mühlackerweg
Town: Burladingen
County: Zollernalbkreis
State: Baden-Württemberg
Zip/Postcode: 72393
Country: Deutschland
Street: 5 An der Forst
City: Königs Wusterhausen
County: Dahme-Spreewald
State: Brandenburg
Zip/Postcode: 15711
Country: Deutschland
Street: 18 Hafenstraße
Town: Flörsheim
County: Main-Taunus-Kreis
State: Hessen
Zip/Postcode: 65439
Country: Deutschland
Street: 35 Alt-Biesdorf
District/Borough: Marzahn-Hellersdorf
City: Berlin
Zip/Postcode: 12683
Country: Deutschland


This generator allows you to get random addresses in Germany. Each address contains a valid street address, district, state/city and postal code according to official German formatting recommendations.

How are the Random Addresses Created?

To generate random Germany addresses we use a technique called reverse geocoding, which is the process of converting latitude and longitude coordinates to a street address. We use real map data to return valid addresses and zip codes.

What Can I Use This Tool For?

Since the addresses are fully valid using real map data, you can use them to pass form validation when you don't want to give a website your actual address, for research purposes, or to check out what different parts of Germany are like using Google street view.