Random US Phone Number

(627) 623 1045
santa rosa, California (CA)
(551) 742 3462
Bayonne, New Jersey (NJ)
(629) 754 5890
Brentwood, Tennessee (TN)
(615) 748 4905
Murfreesboro, Tennessee (TN)
(650) 443 7580
Daly City, California (CA)
(425) 442 3924
Bellevue, Washington (WA)

This generator creates random US phone numbers according to rules of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). To begin, select a state or leave it set to "random" to get numbers from anywhere across the United States. Hit the "calculate" button and a new set of random phone numbers will appear along with their city and state location.

Note – the numbers made with this generator may or may not be real, active numbers - it use uses the NANP rules along with official area codes; to know if a number is real it needs to be verified.